We keep tab on the assets that matter, in the daily running of our clients’ businesses.

Our process makes it easy for our clients to keep track of their assets, whether liquid or fixed. With a large quantity and permutation of fuel dispensing equipment, our clients will know where the assets are located, how they are being put to use, and whether there are changes made to them. Consequently, the recovery of assets can be done more efficiently, hence, leading to higher returns.

From the life-cycle costs, using in-house system SEDAS we set levels of service. Put simply, it means outlining the overall quality, capacity, and role of the different services that the assets provide. In doing so, we can then determine the operating, maintenance, and renewal activities needed to keep the assets in good condition.


SEDAS’ cross-platform capabilities provide 360° visibility on the stations 24/7 remotely. Delivering real-time data and alarm notifications on your devices, you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

The first of its kind, SEDAS integrates processes from 5 main categories; namely Facility Maintenance, Wet Stock Management, Safety Management, IoT and VisualSITE into one handy platform that allows for access at all times.

We have your back

Our integrated approach provides a reliable and scalable platform with a consistent user experience.

More importantly, every triggered point is automatically converted as a “CASE” in Facility Management to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.

Benefits of SEDAS

  • Best-in-class Ops automation features for automating your entire
    operation processes.
  • Spend more time interacting with your customers and less on manually
    entering data.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting that helps you make smarter
    business decisions.
  • Simple and straightforward user interface with minimal learning curve.
  • Easy set-up and focus on the right thing in day to day ops.
  • Easy migration from spreadsheets and other CRM systems.


Our e permit to work is a core element of our health, environmental and safety system, that along with risk assessment and isolation planning, enable as low as reasonably practicable reduction of unsafe activities at the sites.

Our 2 decades of job loss analysis, risk assessment, behavioural knowledge and practises are certied and approved by the oil companies. These serve as an effectively means of communication between clients, management, site supervisors and the crews in identifying all risk levels of works way in advance full-time.
Customised dashboards capture job requests and provide 360° visibility to relevant parties in your organisation, allowing proactive monitoring of operational effectiveness in your organisation
A risk metric fully customisable to your industry and organisation determines the risk profile of a job.
The SEDAS platform ensures current safety standards are met and all safeguards are followed through.
The system matches the appropriate personnel with the necessary certification to carry out the job.


A sizeable catalogue of risk assessments for an array of jobs are used for reference when conducting jobs of similar nature. Customisable assessments allow for wide applicability.
Create risk assessments for new and unique jobs, or utilise an extensive catalogue of existing risk assessments compiled in our system, to reference the risks of active jobs.
Constant maintenance on the relevance of all documents, pinging supervisors when documents are about to expire and require updating.
Manage and oversee the quality of all risk assessments with ease, reinforce standardisation and quality of work.

System Integration

Direct integration with best-in-class Wetstock Management Solution Fairbanks allows user to access what is needed quickly, access the relevant information and correlate the incidents raised for follow ups. Ready integration with different popular branded Auto Tank Gauging System, Forecourt Controller from Dover, Gilbarco Veeder Root, etc.


Wet Stock Monitoring grants visibility to fuel management operations, enhances accessibility for incident management, and provides troubleshooting for potential issues.



The application runs on all platforms for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Runs on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems as well as almost all popular web browsers. All it requires is mobile or WiFi connectivity.
Form factor of running on multiple devices
Integration with Fairbanks to seamlessly access full suite of services as well as logging of issues to ensure follow ups and actions
Integration with incident logging to ensure end to end tracking and resolutions
Runs on all popular operating systems
Network wide or group level inventory monitoring
Real Time Monitoring on Wet Stock Movements
Reconciliation reports are aligned to operations and triggers
Interfacing with popular Auto Tanking Systems and Forecourt Controllers

Remote Site Inspection & Collaboration

With digitised forms, integrated case management workflow and full retention of data, our system utilises these functions to enhance the overall safety of onsite jobs, allow for learning and feedback, reduce operational costs and increase overall efficiency

Work Process


  • Real-time quality feed.
  • Runs on multiple devices form factor.
  • Recording capability with cloud storage and playback at anytime.
  • Include collaboration tools like chat and voice call.
  • Access to job details.
  • Raise concerns back to case management workflow for follow up.
  • Sessions are fully available on the cloud for recall for review, training or audit purposes.


Business Use

  • Cost Saving
  • Increased efficiency in the risk evaluation process
  • Further ensures safety by enforcing strict adherence to regulations
  • Provides convenience by allowing resource management such as
    equipment and manpower via one consolidated platform

System Requirements

The application works on any device that is able to run Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and other popular web browsers. All it requires to operate is WiFi


We seek to simplify having different solutions with different interfaces and capabilities that requires integration by providing a centralized IoT platform on which data from all devices and sensors will be captured securely. Additionally, users can scale as they add more devices with different thresholds and workflows.


Sample templates for features such as Power Consumption, Water Consumption, Chiller Temperature Control and Light Control will be provided for users to utilise. These templates are fully customisable and allow for users to implement based on their requirements.



Over a decade of digitisation in SD has elevated the once brick and mortar business. Our paperless call management system has evolved to a full customisation on fuel management system, providing full control of user consumption patterns.

Our IT team, made ready to explore the possibility of bridging systems, provides our clients a complete view of their operation.