Consultation Solutions

Having witnessed the design evolution plus our daily presence at the service stations since the 90s, SD is able to blend form and function where required. From your underground tanks to your fuel dispensers, your canopy to your store planogram, our design team understand that the user experience is only as important as the engineering behind it.

So may it be a coffee corner, a convenience store or if u are game for a futuristic station, we have it all.

We are the first service provider in our industry to operate with a dedicated safety department, our safety starts right at the top where our safety officer does not have conflicting roles such as a technical manager. Risk assessments, safe behavioural, certification processes are then developed hereon.

In SD, nobody gets hurt.

In the realm of procuring, the world is getting smaller. SD provides direct source of equipment internationally, and having a large team of bilingual team is key in communicating and negotiating for the right stuff. May it be western or eastern branded, our technical specialists travel extensively to understand the products and the price points so that we can best suit your needs.

Where our procurement team is concerned, you are spoilt for choice.